A Valentine’s Pledge to Myself

A Valentine’s Pledge to Myself

Written by Geri Ann Higgins

As I go about my day-to-day,

The job, the tasks and such

I pledge to hear the call from you,

Past sight and smell and touch.

I’ll sit in nature every day and

Still my mind to see

Beyond the veil of separateness

To unify with “me”

I’ll watch the creatures live in truth

Immersed in here and now,

And listen to my gut instincts

And open to allow

A way to move between the worlds

And walk authentically,

To slow down time and recognize

The power of “clear see”

I’ll discipline prevailing thoughts

That others’ needs come first

And shift the focus on the work

For which I truly thirst.

I’ll read and write and learn and teach

Of soul-related things,

And strive to live right in the place

Of balance that it brings.

I’ll listen to the wisdom that

My “narrator” imparts

And heed the charge to help

Reduce my ego; open hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What might you want to pledge to yourself this year?

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Geri Ann Higgins, owner of Fully Present, is a breast cancer survivor, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga4Cancer Teacher, Reiki Master, Tarot coach and Marketing & Communications professional. Learn more at http://www.FullyPresentwithYou.com