Corporate Offerings

Please contact Geri Ann to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss services that could benefit your colleagues and/or employees. We can then determine scale, scope and strategic goals, as well as review information on current rates and specials.

Marketing & Communications Consulting (Specializing in Health & Wellness Strategy, Project Development/Management, Relationship Building and Writing – Blog, Emails, Copywriting)

Below is a snapshot of offerings that can be customized for your next online retreat and/or team building event:

Recharge & Renew Workshop – Help your colleagues and/or employees go from zapped to ZEN as they learn helpful techniques to reduce stress and tension through breath work, yoga poses, hand placements, body holds, mindful stretches and energetic movement flows. Attendees will be able to start using new tools right away to restore their well-being, enhance their creativity and increase their ZEST! Optional: The workshop can conclude with a seated meditation, followed by relaxing Savasana with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.

Note: 20 minute, 30 minute and 45 minute online versions available

Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions and Talks (Online option)

Mini Guided Meditations (Online option)

Office Chair Yoga (Online option)

Office Chair Reiki Sessions (Not available at this time)

Yoga, Pilates & Blended Classes (Online option)

Watch for FREE anytime! Below are some of GERI ANN’S Facebook Live Events with The University of Vermont Medical Center:

  • 15-MINUTE BREATHING TECHNIQUES – Learn simple breathing techniques to reduce stress, improve focus and raise energy. Click Here for the Recording!
  • 15-MINUTE BALANCE CLASS – Learn simple balance exercises to improve your overall balance. Click Here for the Recording!
  • 20-MINUTE FREE CHAIR YOGA CLASS – Learn simple and gentle yoga poses that you can do at your desk or workstation during the day to relieve stress, as well as ones to re-energize you. Click Here for the Recording!