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“Geri Ann’s warm and empathetic presence instantly puts you at ease and ready to experience the wisdom and humor of the divine that can be revealed through Tarot. She is a knowledgeable guide and an adept interpreter of the cards, illuminating the often-murky path toward enlightenment. A reading with Geri Ann will leave you energized, inspired, and empowered to take the next step on your own life journey.” – K.S., Essex Town, Vermont

In the Mind, Body, Spirit trinity of holistic healing, I have found Reiki dominant in working with Spirit (or life force), Sound resonating most powerfully with the Body, and Tarot harmonizing with the Mind. The multitude of symbolism in the Tarot works beautifully with the right brain – our creative, emotional and intuitive side. The right brain specializes in recognizing patterns, image based problem solving, synthesizing information and perceiving possibilities.

I view Tarot as a tool for growth, healing, empowerment and peace of mind. I love its paradoxical richness and simplicity… and at many times, its sense of humor! In some ways, Tarot can work as a metaphysical “life coach” through illuminating your set patterns, serving up inspiring ideas and helping to visually set intentions, thereby kickstarting manifestation. Each session is customized and different spreads are done in order to address different types of questions.

NEW! Coming in January 2018: Remote Tarot Sessions with FaceTime

If you prefer to get a reading in the comfort and convenience of your own home AND you have FaceTime… you’re now in luck! Starting in January, I will offer regularly scheduled times for remote sessions. FaceTime clients have shared that they really like this approach (Here’s a fun comment: “I love that I can get a reading on my own couch, makeup free in yoga pants!”). If there’s an area in need of clarity, reassurance, an infusion of positivity or strategic empowerment, rest assured that FaceTime clients have expressed such confidence in the remote option that it is now on my menu of services. CLICK HERE if a Remote Session is a good fit for you.

In Person Tarot Session Description
It is my goal that your customized, confidential consultation will empower and inspire the next steps on your unique path. After a brief meditation, we’ll review the “Journey of the Fool” (a critical part of understanding the structure and philosophy of Tarot) and then start interpreting spreads for your questions. Many times a client comes in and prefers to begin with a “General” reading, which leads to a variety of other follow up questions and spreads. Although I interpret the cards and the meaning of their positions, it is YOU (along with your Higher Self) who actually select the cards. An in-depth conversation ensues, motivations and intentions are clarified, potential strategies get identified, and positive affirmations are developed to assist in beneficial outcomes.

Reserve your session now by visiting the Appointment/Payment Info page or by emailing me (click here).