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“I just did your meditation. Beautiful. Your voice is so clear and relaxing. You could really do narration! Great job” – Josie M., Berlin, Vermont

“I really loved it – the tone of your voice was so soothing. My nerves are rattled today, so I’ll probably listen to it again tonight!” -Tracy F, New York


“Geri Ann is excellent! Her clarity of instruction is great for all levels” – P.H., Burlington, Vermont

“Geri Ann is always so patient and informative. I feel so good afterwards” – K. B., Richmond, Vermont


“I have received nothing but positive feedback, everyone was surprised that it actually worked!” – Cindy, Burlington, Vermont

“Thank you for coming to our team retreat and doing all of those awesome energizing exercises with us! You have such a wonderful energy and are a great instructor.  I was thinking that so many teams could benefit from a refresher like that!” – M.H., Burlington, Vermont

“Thanks for the excellent information. I’m already practicing a couple of the tools. It was really fun, too!” – H.S., Huntington, Vermont


“I am one who recognizes the importance of meditation; however, I find it challenging to meditate on my own with my mind constantly filled with daily responsibilities, tasks, and projects. With the guidance of Geri Ann and the sound of her singing bowls, I find myself more able to fully focus on the present moment. In addition, although most people know singing bowls as sound-based meditation, they also awaken your sense of touch. You truly can FEEL the bowls sing to you as well. It is captivating and powerful!”
– J.S., Winooski, Vermont

“Rest, relaxation, stress reduction, and healing; this is what the Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation led by Geri Ann provided me. I trust that, in time, continued Singing Bowl Meditations will lead me to further balancing and centering of my being and chakra alignment, along with further enlightenment and higher states of consciousness. Sound is a most certain healer and the singing bowls are proof of that. Many thanks for this experience and connection!”
– K.H., Williston, Vermont

“The Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation is magical. How Geri Ann draws such an amazing sound from these precious instruments is a mystery to me, as I have my eyes shut – but the effect is transformative. I was transfixed.”
– C.W., Essex Center, Vermont


(From Distance Reiki Client)“I was able to really relax – even though I struggle with racing thoughts. It was as if I was covered in a blanket of calmness. I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but I do know I feel better now. Thank you for your part in whatever just happened.” – Mark S., Shelburne, Vermont

“I have tried many different types of meditative, healing and bodywork techniques, but none have had quite the deep transporting feel of the Reiki/Sound session. In particular, Geri Ann’s expert focus on acupressure points in the face, spine, feet and hands using sonic vibration was entrancing. I went in with headache and stress, and left with that wonderful combination of renewed energy and calm.”
– L.M., Burlington, Vermont

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TAROT (with and without) WELL-BEING COACHING 

“Geri Ann, I wanted to Thank-You for this deeply insightful Tarot reading. It was very helpful to me and confirmed a few intuitive hits I was getting, but not fully trusting. I feel like I can relax into the year, stay on course, and know what to do should certain things arise. I also enjoyed the tips that you gave me and personal insights. Being in your presence is always uplifting and healing” – Esther, Nyack, New York

“Geri Ann really listens. I learned a lot of different approaches. I was sad when our 6 weeks ended, but very happy that I got the new tools and outlook I needed” – Deb T., Vermont

“I arrived a little nervous, but super curious. I only had to be with Geri Ann a few minutes before I relaxed and was able to open my mind to the cards. Using Tarot to look at some places where I felt stuck really helped. The images are powerful (yet familiar!) and stay with you in a good way. They get the creative juices flowing!  I think of one in particular whenever I want to feel more confident and always end up standing a little straighter.” – T.O., Jericho, Vermont

“Geri Ann has a perfect balance of insight, intuition, experience and practicality. I trust her work because she lets the Tarot speak for itself and carefully follows its teaching – never “leading” an answer but always respecting what has been gifted by the Tarot itself. She is a careful and conscientious interpreter of its wisdom. I have known Geri Ann for more than 20 years. I highly recommend her and her work. She’s sincere and deeply compassionate with just the right balance of light-heartedness matched with a serious and deep respect and knowledge for the work”
– M.C., Lake Elmore, Vermont

“Geri Ann has a warm and empathetic presence that instantly puts you at ease and ready to experience the wisdom and humor of the divine that can be revealed through Tarot. She is a knowledgeable guide and an adept interpreter of the cards, illuminating the often-murky path toward enlightenment. A reading with Geri Ann will leave you energized, inspired, and empowered to take the next step on your own life journey”
– K.S., Essex Center, Vermont

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“I recently took Geri Ann’s Journey of the Fool yoga workshop. It was a powerful experience. I have worked with Tarot for years, and done yoga for just as long. But the combination of the two, under the expert guidance of an inspiring teacher, was transformational. I can’t wait to go on this journey again!” – C.H., Vermont

“Geri Ann’s Journey of the Fool tarot/yoga workshop was a FANTASTIC experience.  As a yoga enthusiast with a budding interest in Tarot, I found the class a wonderful opportunity to learn more about tarot through Geri Ann’s warm, accessible and energizing tutelage.  It was incredible to explore the synergies between the practices of yoga and tarot, and experience Geri Ann’s obvious passion for each.  This workshop managed to achieve the difficult balance of being a welcoming introduction for beginners and an invigorating exercise for experienced practitioners” – Kim O’Leary, Vermont

“The Fool’s Journey” Tarot and Yoga mash-up put on by Geri Ann is a must do sort of thing.  I have studied the tarot for over 25 years and this was the first thing that I have participated in that has taught me how to embody the major arcana. Not only is it educational but it moves the mysteries of the tarot into your body on a cellular level. Geri Ann has the knowledge plus she is fun, fun, fun!!!” – Jacqueline Carroll, Vermont

Book a session today HERE or by visiting the Schedule and Shop page HERE. I look forward to sharing time with you!