namastefrogMy name is Geri Ann Higgins.

My mission is to support my clients through providing tools and services for self-care, personal empowerment and increased well-being.

Allow me to help you follow through on your commitment to minor shifts so that you can achieve MAJOR results! 

Start reducing stress and learn useful lifestyle strategies through:

* SPECIAL WORKSHOPS – I am available to teach the always helpful Reduce Stress Workshop for local businesses, organizations and private groups. Learn more about how I can help your employees, members or colleagues when you click HERE.

* HEALTH & WELLNESS COACHING – Are you ready to make some positive changes, but need a little structure and personal guidance to keep you accountable and on track? I offer private and group health and wellness coaching.

* YOGA & PILATES CLASSES & WORKSHOPS  I offer private and group yoga and Pilates classes and workshops.

* GROUP MEDITATION, PRIVATE GUIDED MEDITATION & BIOFIELD TUNING – I work with sound vibration/waves (Group Meditation with Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Individual Sound Journeys, and Biofield Tuning with Tuning Forks) as well as guided visualization techniques.

* REIKI – I support the healing of your own bioenergy field through hand placements, acupressure holds and relaxation techniques.

* COACHING WITH TAROT – I identify present patterns and potential beneficial actions through interpreting archetypes, symbolism and synchronicity.

Have fun exploring the site! See you soon… and stay curious!

Love and blessings,
Geri Ann