About Geri Ann


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So, about me. What exactly do I do?

I can help you get more freedom in your daily life.

“What do you mean by freedom, Geri Ann?” 

I mean:

  • More freedom to help you feel less stressed, more often
  • More freedom and confidence to be the “real” you
  • More freedom to be more productive
  • More freedom to experience more frequent feelings of joy and positivity and satisfaction and meaning
  • More freedom to show up and shine more often!
  • More freedom to navigate the crappy stuff without feeling paralyzed or getting emotionally capsized
  • More freedom to know that you are a powerful being with unique gifts and experiences
  • The world needs you to be the real you, ASAP. Stop comparing and criticizing (especially yourself). Let’s get you out of your own way and get crackin’! Learn more on how to Book and Shop here

How the heck can that happen?

I offer a variety of services that can get you moving in the right direction. I’m a committed listener who embodies joy, harmony… and, most importantly, keeping it REAL. I promise to be FULLY PRESENT WITH YOU. You will laugh and you may cry at times (I have plenty of tissues!). Both are great ways to emotionally release. I partner with you and your intuition to pick the right path/approach. Heck, you likely already know what you need. 

What do I know about freedom? Oh, I’ve had my share of messy bits over the years. I continue to use a variety of tried and tested tools to rebalance, reset and renew on a daily basis. 

Breast Cancer and Recovery. Life-Changing Surgery. Morning Catastrophizing. Not Enough-Ness. Fear of Running Out of Time. And, of course, 2020! Sheesh.

I have found ways to reduce stress and regularly feel more gratitude, joy and freedom – even during some of my darkest times.

I have guidedand continue to guide – others to:

  • Cultivate insights
  • Clarify current situations
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Move and honor their bodies
  • Regulate their breathing
  • Improve concentration of mind
  • Identify next steps, complete projects and achieve goals
  • Nurture their spirit
  • Relax their nervous system
  • Find the funny
  • More deeply connect with Mother Earth and Source
  • Feel safe sharing hopes, dreams and fears
  • Celebrate ALL wins!

Choose from practical and evidence-based coaching and movement approaches or the more mystical and mysterious Meditation, Reiki and Tarot. A solo session might appeal, but many times a personalized combination package works best!

But wait, are you here about my Marketing and Communications services? Thanks for sticking with me this far down the page. By now you’ve gotten an idea of my personality. I’ve spent many years positioning services, events and classes in the most optimal way. Plus, my acting background helps me coach others on how to present better and navigate “stage (or conference room or Zoom) fright.” If you’re still here, we may be a good match. Learn more when you pop over HERE.

Let’s connect! If any of the the above has piqued your interest, I hope you’ll consider allowing me to work with you so that you can be an even more powerful creator of your life. You may email me here to schedule a FREE 15-minute exploratory phone call. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

If you’re already sure you want to move forward (woot! woot!), you can visit the Book and Shop page to book your session, class or gift certificate today.

A life-long learner, my contributions/practice/trainings include:

Marketing and Communications DOER Specialization in Health, Wellness and Integrative Health in Strategy, Project Development and Management, Relationship Building, coaching on How to Present Better, PLUS all kinds of Writing – Short and Long Form Content, Blog, Emails (yes, there’s an art to them), Copywriting and more!

Tarot (Private online Tarot sessions are available via Zoom – classes coming soon) I conduct private Tarot consultations for individuals and small groups over Zoom; host Tarot classes and workshops, and give Tarot talks for small groups. PLUS, you can find some of my interpretations on card reversals in the book, Tarot Turn, which includes contributions from Tarot readers around the world! 

– Certified Wellcoaches® Health and Wellness Coach –  This training is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Teach weekly Oncology Yoga Class – At this time, this class is available to past and present patients of the UVM Health Network. Whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, recovering or actively focused on preventing recurrence, this evidence-based class is FREE and online for your convenience. SIGN UP HERE! This class is supported by philanthropy at Integrative Therapies at The University of Vermont Cancer Center. 

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach – This training is through The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (www.BeatCancer.org)

Corporate Wellness Workshop Offerings

Lead Yoga & Meditation (Group Singing Bowl) classes (private group and individual classes available). Details HERE

Teach seasonal HealthSource classes at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Certified Holden QiGong Teacher – Trained by Lee Holden in the Holden QiGong approach

Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Certified with University of Vermont’s (UVM) Registered Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program (led by the inimitable John McConnell).

Yoga4Cancer certified teacher – Trained in Yoga4Cancer methodology with Tari Prinster

Lead special workshops throughout the year. I am available to teach the always helpful Recharge & Renew Workshop for local businesses, organizations and private groups and my fun and informative “Journey of the Fool” Tarot & Movement WorkshopLearn more when you contact me HERE.

Ordained Non-denominational Minister – This is through the Universal Life Church. When I was younger, I considered becoming a minister for awhile. As I grew older, I realized that my tapestry of spiritual experiences was broader than what initially appealed. As an adult, a non-denominational route made better sense for me and for those weddings I have been blessed to officiate.

Personalized Guided Meditation Recordings – Choose your custom-made focus: Affirmation, Calm, Career, Concentration, Confidence, Health, Motivation, Sleep and more!

– Professional Voiceover Artist – Radio, TV, Medical/Technical Video Trainings/Instruction, On-Hold Messaging, Narration, Character Voices and More!

Certified in Pilates Core Mat 1 Workout with Power Pilates (Classical Pilates Style)

Certified in Biofield Tuning with tuning forks (100 Hour Training) from Sound Therapist Eileen McKusick

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing & Meditation (Advanced Level 1 & 2 training with Satya Brat of the International Academy of Sound Healing)

Certified Reiki Master in Usui tradition (Third Degree through Barbara Clearbridge and First and Second Degree through Brett Bevell at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY)

Member of Vermont Reiki Association (Click HERE to view Code of Ethics for VRA members) and Hands-On Trade Association (Click HERE to view Code of Ethics for HOTA members)

Community Theatre Actor and Volunteer: I have been involved in theatrical productions in the community for many years, treading the boards with Essex Community Players, Girls Nite Out Productions, Lyric Theatre Company and Shelburne Players. Click HERE for a short (and funny!) monologue I recently did that is from the play, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” yet rejiggered for the COVID/Zoom world. I play an outgoing Christmas pageant director who’s giving casting advice to the new, incoming pageant director. ENJOY!

How did I get started?
My first conscious memory was coming down the stairs of my home and stopping on the landing to look around, where I “saw” my surroundings for the first time. It was as if up until then I had been sleeping and at that moment a light switched on. Inside my head, a “narrator” type of voice announced, “Here I am again. I wonder what it will be like this time.” My childhood self responded by quizzically tilting her head, pausing for a moment and then continuing down the stairs. To this day, I have never forgotten that voice. Since then, I have experienced many interesting synchronicities and communications and have maintained the unwavering confidence that we are a part of something so much bigger, that many of us have been here before and may well be here again. It is my experience that love, gratitude and forgiveness are the keys for a healthy and happy life.

The catalyst that opened a door to a myriad of possibilities for helping to  support and guide others was my first Tarot reading in 1990.

Since then, I’ve engaged in almost 30 years of independent immersion work, collaborative group study and classwork, extended workshops led by Tarot luminaries Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Marcus Katz and James Wells, and conference coursework including (but not limited to): Tarot-related esoteric classes, archetypes, astrology, comparative mythology, Health and Wellness Coach Training with Wellcoaches®, dream interpretation, studying with Colleen Alexander, Brett Bevell, Satya Brat, Zoe and Zeus Higgins, Lee Holden, Xena Jacob, Bernice Kelman, John McConnell, Eileen McKusick, Deena Metzger, Tari Prinster, Shulamith and Kirk White, energy anatomy, philosophy, psychology, psychic development, qigong, certified Reiki training, shamanic work, symbolism, Tai Chi Chuan, Tibetan singing bowl training, biofield tuning training, Transcendental Meditation practice, world religions and yoga.

Still with me? Check out how to book your session or class here.

My vision is to create and offer meaningful healing retreats and educational offerings both virtually and in fun, beautiful, and inspiring locations. If you are interested in collaborating, let’s chat! You may email me (click here).

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