Well-Being Sessions

PERSONALIZED “STRESS LESS: Practices for Balanced Living” SESSIONS (1:1 over Zoom)

  • The goal of a personalized 1:1 Zoom session is for you to walk away with easy-to-learn tools that YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE.
  • Prior to our hour together, we’ll determine what interests you (i.e. learning effective breathing techniques, movements from Yoga and/or Qigong, body holds, hand placements, tapping, acupressure points, journaling, etc).
  • We all know that if it’s something you like, you’ll do it more! This is why our session will focus on the categories you select. My goal is that after your session, you will confidently move forward with useful tools and knowledge that can shift your stressful state to a more serene one, more often. Included as part of your session are two bonus follow up emails and/or texts to ensure you’re in the right track – or any needed course correction.
  • Makes a great gift for you or for a loved one. Reach out here to set up your complimentary call with me!



Ready to make some positive changes, but not sure where to start or what to do… so you don’t do anything?

Rest assured, I’ve been there!

Private sessions with me provide structure and personal guidance to keep you accountable and on track. Knowledge is power, but action makes change! We’ll work on simple, easy-to-do approaches to keep you moving forward instead of overthinking or overdoing. Reach out here to set up your complimentary call with me!


CUSTOM “INNER PEACE” RETREATSGo solo or host for up to four (4) others!

Hire Fully Present LLC for a Custom “Inner Peace” Retreat for you and up to four of your friends and/or family members. I’ll design your time and come to you!

  • Choose from group movement (such as Qigong, yoga, oncology yoga, Pilates) and meditation (with or without the healing sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls), as well as individual coaching and self-discovery offerings (chair Reiki, journaling, well-being coaching, stress reduction practices or mini-Tarot readings).
  • All you need is a spacious indoor room or outdoor space for the group offerings and a small private place to seat two for the confidential individual sessions. Your bespoke retreat will run for three (3) hours. In-person and virtual versions available; both weekday and weekend options.
  • Includes a Complimentary Planning Call with suggested set up, snack and mocktail ideas!
  • The time is typically divided into three sections – initial group activity, individual activity and final group activity, but, it’s custom, so your call! Reach out for more information on how to increase more calm and fulfillment, either solo or with your small special group!