Sound/Singing Bowl Sessions

gabowlsPhoto Credit: Sam Robinson

“The Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation is magical. How Geri Ann draws such an amazing sound from these precious instruments is a mystery to me, as I have my eyes shut – but the effect is transformative. I was transfixed.” – C.W., Essex Center, Vermont

When COVID-19 arrived, I could no longer lead in-person Meditation with Sound classes. I tried one class with Zoom and the sound was not optimal. SO, I started doing a FREE no-frills “Take Five” Series on my YouTube channel! Each video focuses on reducing stress through breathwork, a simple movement technique and listening to me play Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. It’s over in five minutes, so you can fit it into even the busiest schedule!

Thankfully, I am now back to doing in-person Group Sound Bath Sessions and Private 1:1 Sound Sessions!

The healing power of sound has been used throughout human history.

It can bring emotional release, comfort, joy and heightened well-being.

The vibrational aspect of sound creates space between your cells and transforms your current state into a more harmonious one. Since our bodies consist of 80% water and water is the best conductor for sound, clients will start to relax into a meditative state very quickly.

I have found that working with sound helps clients get UNstuck both physically and mentally in some areas, as well as lifting their overall vibration into a more positive state.

Group Sound Bath Sessions – Give your mind a vacation!

Upcoming In-Person Group Classes: Sunday, February 26 and March 12, 4-5pm

These sessions are held at Peace of Mind Pilates in Essex, Vermont.

Sign up HERE!

*Please note that space is limited , so reservations are strongly encouraged.

Relax your mind, body and spirit while listening to the peaceful tones of Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

We start with breath work and chanting (or humming!), transition into a short guided relaxation and follow with my playing seven different sized bowls for the remainder of the meditation session.

You’ll get comfortable (we have yoga mats, bolsters, cushions and blankets for you to use) and relax to the harmonious sounds of the bowls. Within minutes, many people find they easily drift off into a meditative state, allowing their bodies to engage in the self-healing of deep relaxation.

The resonance of the bowls lifts your energy field’s frequency to a higher vibration, creating more space between your cells and enabling a sonic massage of your nervous system. At the end of the meditation, many report feeling serene, refreshed and relaxed as well as some reports of profound and creative insights. These sessions are held at Peace of Mind Pilates in Essex, Vermont. Sign up HERE! *Please note that space is limited , so reservations are strongly encouraged.

Individual Sound Session 
A sound journey customized to your needs. We start by discussing your goal of the session, transition into a progressive relaxation, and then follow with the playing of up to seven different sized Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls either on or surrounding your body. Clients are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothes, as they will rest comfortably on a yoga mat, be supported by bolsters and covered by a blanket, as needed. Sessions run one hour. Clients report sensations of floating yet feeling grounded at the same time. Reach out here to arrange a scheduling call with me!

Biofield Tuning Session with Tuning Forks
Sound Therapist Eileen McKusick explains, “Biofield tuning is a unique body work modality that uses the audible acoustic frequencies produced by tuning forks to balance the body’s electrical system. The tones change in pitch and volume when moved around the body, in response to the information they encounter. Continued application of the vibrating fork over the area of dissonance leads to entrainment or harmonizing of the body’s frequency pattern to the frequency pattern produced by the tuning fork. They are useful in places that are congested, such as muscle knots. The sound waves penetrate the body and create space between the molecules in a way that’s similar to the use of infrasonic frequencies to break up kidney stones.”

Reach out here to arrange a scheduling and/or informational call with me!

Benefits of Working with Sound
The audible frequencies help to balance the nervous system and relax the muscles and soft tissues. Through this process, many symptoms from the physical to mental and emotional, can diminish and resolve. A symptom in the body has a corresponding dissonance or distortion within the field. When this distortion is located, it can be corrected and brought to a more orderly and balanced frequency pattern through the process of entrainment- or the overtaking of the dissonant frequency pattern by the harmonious frequency pattern produced.