How to Have A Sense-ational Holiday

How to Have A Sense-ational Holiday

Mmmmm… Try (or revisit) any of the following delights to further enhance your holiday.


  • Make some homemade bread, cinnamon rolls or French toast (with extra butter and cinnamon, of course)
  • Fry up a bit of bacon, maple sausages or scruncheons (Shout out to the Newfoundlanders!)
  • Bake an apple pie, fudgy brownies or simply boil cinnamon sticks for a few minutes to help make your home smell delicious!


Tasty bits of salty and sweet
  • Crunch: Enjoy the classic Chex mix, sweet and spicy nuts, peppermint bark, peanut brittle or English toffee


Colorful lights on a Vermont beauty!

Take a drive around town and soak in all that shimmers:

  • The starry night sky (Hello to planetary friends, Jupiter and Saturn!)
  • Creative light displays of your neighbors (on both their homes and/or vehicles)
  • Sunlit and moonlit sparkles on the snow
  • Smiles and loving glances of those you hold most dear


Get all hygge and:

  • Curl up with a loved one under a soft blanket
  • Hold hands
Diesel is so soft and cuddly!
  • Hug or pet one of your sweet fur babes
  • Hit snooze and burrow under the covers
  • Wrap yourself in a plush robe or slip on super cozy slippers – Ahhhh…

SHHHH… Listen

Enjoy the music of the holidays, including, but not limited to:

There’s nothing like a toasty fire!
  • The always moving Silent Night

Finally, step outside and soak in the sounds of the still winter night – soft creaking of nearby trees, the crispness of the cold air (yes, you can hear it!) and the crunch of snow underfoot. Go back inside to warm yourself by the crackling fire, witness the excited unwrapping of paper and gift bags, and most precious of all, take in the joyful laughter of loved ones.

Oh, and make sure to add a dash of something fun to dance to! ;)

Raising a glass full of blessings to one and all.

Geri Ann Higgins, owner of Fully Present, is a Writer, Reiki Master, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Tarot Reader, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified yoga4cancer Teacher, Marketing Professional and Believer in Holiday Magic. Need a last minute gift? Electronic Gift Certificates are still available at